Gas Exchange Studies at Pasoh
by Kyoto Univ./FFPRI/FRIM team in NIES/FRIM/UPM joint research
Pasoh Forest Reserve in Peninsula Malaysia is a famous IBP pioneer site on the carbon budget of the tropical rain forest (Kira, 1987), and also one of the oldest tower sites in South-east Asia. The aluminum tower canopy walkway system was established in 1992 by NIES/FRIM/UPM joint research project, and the microclimate observation at the 52m-tower started in 1995. Continuous eddy covariance flux observation has been carried out since September 2002, accompanied with environmental biophysical, ecophysiological, biogeochemical, and hydrological researches, to clarify gas exchange of South-east Asian tropical rain forests.

NIES/FRIM/UPM joint research


Please find the reprints of our papers (March 2012), PDF

We have Journal of Plant Physiology Vol125 will be covered by the photograph of our tower site (3 Sep, 2012) PDF
We have a PDF file introducing recent studies by our group, for Lter Field Trip to Pasoh (3 Jul, 2012), and Asia Flux 2011 Field Trip to Pasoh (12 Nov, 2011)


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